Start Securing Your Furniture, Start Waxing

Furniture is indispensable in our everyday life. Furniture completes the home. Our task does not end with the purchase of furniture. Furniture needs maintenance. This article speaks on how to maintain the furniture. There are many benefits of furniture wax uses which are detailed in this article. Sources from websites like educates us on designing furniture for the home.

There are numerous furniture care products available in the market. Above all, furniture wax remains the best. Wax does not attract dust whereas the other products do attract it. All wood furniture needs good wax protection. Traditional oil and lemon oil are used as a furniture care product. But, oil though it gives the glow it does not give the expected end benefit. Commercial lemon oil does not contain lemon but kerosene which is harmful.

Silicone is used in aerosol spray cleaners. They are not harmful. They are cheap and easy to protect but come with one disadvantage, i.e., they make refinishing difficult. Even after stripping the coating, the new finish won’t stick to the old.
Wax need not be applied on the furniture every time we dust. It is enough to clean the furniture with a damp cloth and wax may be applied once in six months. Waxing repeatedly is nothing but over polishing which is not recommended.

Some commercials project wax built up as harmful. But wax is essential to safeguard the furniture. Wax once applied does not remain on the furniture as such. It is worn off over a period of time and sometimes oxidizes.
If you feel that wax is overloaded on the furniture, it can be easily removed with a wax-removing product.
Try using high-quality cabinetmaker’s wax which can penetrate any oil, varnish or lacquer. This is available with reputed brands like Black Bison, Goddard’s, Butcher’s Wax, Antiquax, and Renaissance Wax.

Floor wax cannot be used as an alternative to the furniture wax. Floor wax is much softer and cannot stick to furniture. It is in liquid or paste form and thereby contains less wax. For highly carved wood surfaces, liquid wax is preferable.
Whether new furniture or old, applying paste wax remains indifferent. Furniture before getting waxed should be free of oil and grease.
The mistake usually made while applying wax is applying too much of it. This will make the coat uneven and is difficult to dry. In large surfaces, it is preferable to apply wax in a circular motion in order to even it.

In order to maintain the coat, it is recommended to wax the arms of chair weekly but legs and stretches once in every eighteen months. The furniture needs to be dusted weekly with a cotton cloth. Usage of oils over the coat of wax is not recommended. Spills should be wiped off as soon as possible to avoid spotting.

Furniture adds beauty to the home. They are the best investments we make. They organize the home. The same amount of care exercised while buying the furniture should be given used during its maintenance too.